Exclusive: Naijagistlive and OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL connection

It is no longer news that the “suspected”owner (please mark my word clearly- suspected!) of naijagistlive.com was arrested about a month ago. It was widely reported that he tried blackmailing several people, accused of running a blackmailing blog etc. I went to Nigeria, stayed for about four weeks (reason this site was not updated), met with several people and also established contact with Tunde Oyedepeo, the suspect behind the Naijagistlive blog.

Immediately Tunde Oyedepo was arrested, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL started denying having anything to do with Naijagistlive and the suspected owner of the site – truth cannot be covered for too long. Conscience in an open wound, only truth can heal it. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL capitalized on the fact that Tunde is in detention, decided to heap the whole blame of the blog on him. I interviewed people close to Tunde and was amazed at the truth.

Tunde is a web designer, a technical person to the core! He was engaged by OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL to design naijagistlive. The site was designed to specification which OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was happy with. Tunde come occasionally (to the site) to maintain and fix bug on the blog. There was nothing aside this “client-customer relationship” between both until they both met face-to-face sometimes in 2013. Somethings led to another, they both met in an hotel room where Tunde f**ked the hell out of OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL! (OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL plays both sides and claimed to be married at that time though)

The banging was to continue for the next few days. On one of the occasion, I was informed that OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL (who of course unknowingly to Tunde was a professional Gigolo) was always demanding up to 4 rounds of s*x from Tunde at a time. On one occasion, Tunde organised his friends to come after he was really tired with several rounds of sex. On several occasions, I learnt Tunde also organised group s*x of six males for OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL alone! He described OLUFEMI’s body as a 70 years old man’s body with flabby and ‘wide’ assh**e, excessive fat in his tummy, bleached body et al. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL complained to Tunde he really needs the f**k as his “wife cannot get it up again”..besides he is gay tho!!

While they were together in the hotel one day, Tunde snapped OLUFEMI’s naked body while he was asleep and disappeared. He resurfaced and threatened to expose OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, a deal was made which involved a couple of a hundreds of thousand naira and that Stella should give up the Naijagistlive!  Tunde who is known to be a gentleman and a professional has never been in the trade of blackmailing others for money,hence found it extremely difficult to operate the blackmail blog. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was called back to the scene but all proceeds from the blog (legitimate or not) will be shared between both of them in the ratio 70:30 in favour of Tunde

Business was booming and money was coming in, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has mastered the act of blackmail well. Just like he now does on her Sunday Tatofo series,he was making cool money for himself and Tunde on Naijagistlive, this was how the “German boyfriend” story arose. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was actually the German boyfriend being referred to.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was blackmailing several celebrities on the blog because he was unanimous, just like he tried blackmailing Lanre Nzeribe, AY Makun etc. he wrote horrible and wicked lies against people like Femi Otedola (just because he envied his daughter!), human beings can be very wicked!!

Gullible Tunde never knew OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was planning to abandon him! When you do business with OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, please watch your back. Unknown to Tunde,OLUFEMI OLUSEYI  was not willing any longer to part with the booty coming in from the blackmail trade. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI anonymously tipped Nigeria police and gave up his house address and how he could be found. In a matter of hours, Tunde was arrested and caught red handed! Unfortunately, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL never bargained for what will eventually happened, the site was brought down! OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has now being forced to continue his blackmail with his blog especially through his tatafo Sunday series.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, if you read this, I can guarantee you that you will soon be caught up with. Your criminal acts stinks to high heaven and your days for jail is fast approaching, you will soon realize you have an appointment with the law.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI has been singing like the canary bird to whoever listen that she does not have any connection whatsover with Tunde or Naijagistlive.

It is just a matter of time before OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is arrested, his lies will never stand the test of time


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