“I can be a sex hawker, it’s my life not yours” -OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL

Nigeria high-class sex hawker and male trafficker, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has written back to me confirming the obvious but the evil – He is a GIGOLO.

In the email he wrote to me recently, he bluntly informed me to mind my business and desist from following up on him! he further told me that however he decided to use his life is none of my business. He boasted that the toothless Nigerian police cannot arrest him where he is and that he will continue to blackmail essentially for money.

The many deceitful faces of the wicked, they will never go unpunished!

Substantially, I agree with OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, it is his life,  but he should come out and quit pretending, by now it is obvious he would deny the letter. He went to the extent of informing me that if he is not “hot and sweet”, why are celebrities

still looking for him and always ready to pay him for sex? What a shame!! My issue with that is this, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL goes on his blog (with about 1,000 daily readers) to mislead innocent and young girls. The major discussion of the blog is centered on sex, how to sleep with men for money, how to blackmail men for money and other vices. If OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL choses to do all these in his closet, I am not sure it is an issue, but when you come to influence several thousands of young women negatively, it is totally unacceptable. Other notable bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija et al are all contributing positively to the life of Nigerian youth. When you mislead as much as this number of youth, it does not only affect them, it probably affect their generations!

In Nigeria just like many African countries, the cyber laws are non-existent and where you have any, they are rarely enforced or applied. Given such scenario, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL takes advantage of such to write his usual gibberish and offer fifty naira airtime on weekly basis on her blog – trust me, the hunger in the land is real and people rush to cash in on this.

While I do not blame OLUFEMI  for a very rough upbringing and a difficult experience of being raped by his biological mother at the age of 13, I thought he should have overcome these challenges by now.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is said to disguise himself with different sunglasses and outfit to avoid being recognized during his nefarious acts of prostitution, pimping etc.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has been widely acclaimed for female trafficking, sex hawking, blackmail among several other sex vices. He lives in Germany but nobody could prove exactly what he does, and his claim of being married could not be confirmed either. In recent times, news has been agog with his blackmailing top celebrities like AY Makun, Lanre Nzeribe etc. Olufemi Ishmael has not denied any of these allegations.

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has been accused of arranging sex partners for several Nigerian celebrities who visited Europe especially the UK. As alleged by many,OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL ‘cooks up’ fake stories against Nigeria celebrities on his blog with a view to extort princely sum of money from them.

He has also being accused of organizing many other women across the West African coast in the act of prostitution, blackmail and others. He is said to be one of the most vicious Nigerians living abroad. In recent times, some of his accomplices were caught in Nigeria which has significantly affected his female trafficking trade.

He is also accused of supervising and presiding over a very vicious prostitution network gang based in Italy. He has been accused of trafficking several hundreds of girls to Italy held as sex slaves. Like it or not, this is the new face of evil!


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