I paid OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL for sex – Lagos based Artiste

Details is emerging how a Lagos-based artiste went to perform in Europe this year for a private show claimed he paid OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL over a thousand pounds sterling for call girls in his hotel

This musician (name withheld) who lives in Lagos but from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria claimed to me (while I was in Nigeria recently) that when he went to London on a private invitation tour, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL organised sex workers for him on four different days.

He told me he never thought anything was the issue on the event which happened early this year until information now start flying all over the place how OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL lives a double life – pretending to be a saint on his blog and being a major ring leader of a prostitution and a human traffic ring.

The story of this artiste is surprising and alarming! It goes to confirm our stories that OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL must have been involved in prostitution in Europe for several years. I asked this musician who is a family friend if he is willing to come to the public with this story and evidences he has, he was non-committal but showed me details of text messages and whatsApp texts from OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL with his phone number.

The musician told me the detailed story of how he arrived London and checked-in to his hotel  in Stepney Green, somewhere in East London where his client booked him (this is probably the same hotel AY checked in and was blackmailed by OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL ). According to this musician, everything went well the first night of his stay in the hotel until the second night when he was going for his normal night-out with guys that he saw this Africa middle aged man who his dressing of course betrayed him as a gigolo. The musician explained further that while this man was a bit older and out of shape than most call girls,he was also very not good looking. The man  he was talking to unknowingly to him was OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL !

The musician said OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL introduced himself as “Oga FEMI” and a Nigerian. He was willing to get the tourist musician any girl of his specification within forty-five minutes! This musician gave OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL his specs and wanted the lady in about 3 hours time when he will be back from his booze gig! Oga Femi charged 280 British Pounds for this specs for the night. “I came back at around 1am and met the girl at the reception, this was 100% adherence to the specifications I gave Oga Femi”. Not only was the girl a Nigerian but also speaks Ibo only that she was from Delta State, claimed the Lagos artist.

In the morning when the girl was going, I asked if she has been paid and how much. She informed me she has not been paid but will be paid 30 pounds by OLUFEMI later in the day. According to this artist,  “I could not believe this, the girl offered me her pride but ended up earning only 10% of the money charged. I gave her on my own another 50 pounds. This transaction repeated itself with OLUFEMI for  three or four days more with different specifications and races. I ended up giving OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL over 1,000 pounds for organizing prostitutes for me”

In his words, “I did not make anything of this incidences until recently information started flying everywhere that OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL himself is a gigolo, that his marriage to the German woman was to get papers, he runs a human trafficking ring et al. Personal few calls I made confirmed to me the man was OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL . I went online to check the acclaimed site and was totally disgusted about this, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is living a double life”, the musician told me. He claimed he was lucky not to have been blackmailed by OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL .

After my interview with the musician, I discussed my findings (upon my return back to Europe) with OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL ,he agreed he actually knew this musician, saw him early in the year but declined to comment if he got a sex worker for him or not. Accusations of sex hawking, human trafficking etc are on the increase against the self-acclaimed King of Nigeria blogshpere, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL .

I will not conclude this write-up without my usual warning to young persons to be wary of the company they keep, blog they visit, their relationships etc. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is totally a fraud and dangerous person who will do anything for money and go to any length to do anything to bring in money.

Editors Note: I will conclude the final part of our series , “Uncovered: Olufemi Oluseyi Ishmael, alleged blackmailer and gigolo working for blogreportersng”  this week as OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has finally responded to our final inquiry, till then please have a good time


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