OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, the fraudulent and criminal blogger

OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL continued to defraud gullible Nigerians and fans on his blog on daily basis. He plays on his blog visitors’ intelligence and mock their stupidity!

In preparation to pull off another human-trafficking scam to add to their prostitution ring,olufemi and Blogreportersng have started preparing the scene to lure some more hungry and jobless young girls abroad.

The new plot started on Tuesday 4th of October 2016 in a blog post where out of the blues, he put up a false story claiming he got married to get his gullible readers ooohhhhinggg and aaaaahhhhinggg.

You suddenly got married on a Tuesday in America and only informed Blogreportersng afterwards.That was to set the stage for what happened on Wednesday 12th of October 2016

in the blog post.Blogreportersng put up another story where a supposed blog reader gave thanks to Olufemi for crediting her account with #30,000(thirty thousand naira) knowing how hungry and jobless a lot of the readers are.

Curiously right after that, he posted a game where he put 6 of his regular readers’ names in a situation of life and death, the purpose of the game is to rescue 2 while the remaining 4 perish. Having sufficiently showed up OLUFEMI’s previously tattered image, Blogreportersng included his name to see how many readers would put her up for rescue, especially after “dashing someone 30k”. As expected,quite a number of the readers chose his name in expectation that they will get the next bank alert.

Our private eye who monitored all these happenings decided to click on OLUFEMI’s and other two blog ids to see what their profile said and alas! All 3 profiles had no contact bio whatsoever which made our private eye suspicious. How could OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL have contacted the previous winner who did not have any profile on her blog id whatsoever unless perhaps,it’s another one of OLUFEMI’s numerous fake blog ids. To test this theory, our private eye dropped several comments suggesting readers compare all 3 ids to see what they all had in common and guess what? Blogreportersng, the criminal blog refused to enable the comments, the 2 comments out of 13 that managed to escape its eagle eyes and find their way on to the comment section were almost immediately deleted. (In the next few days, I can predict that these nefarious minds and cheap crooks will go to update these blog IDs to give it legitimacy)

Our private eye believes there’s an ulterior motive and figured OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL did not want his readers to find out the giveaway was fake just like the ‘500k’ he claimed a faceless blog reader gifted someone he nominated from his blog a few months ago.The idea behind these fraudulent scams is his desperate bid to get more traffic to his blog where he can choose the girls to introduce to his human-trafficking ring for onward transfer to Europe for sex work and slavery.

Interestingly our private eye noticed that another of his readers had challenged him to produce a screenshot of the 500k transfer, blurring all details but the date and amount and as expected, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI  shut her down and the supposed recipient of the money suddenly disappeared. It’s believed that the fake blog id with a corresponding fake facebook account used for that scam were created by OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL.

I have a promise for OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL, Blogreportersng et al; their days to be transferred to the gallows where they belong is very close! They will all not escape justice.

We will continue to beam our searchlights on fraudulently malicious bloggers.


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