OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL also have all the blackmail pictures – Matharoo Sister cried out

matharoo-sistersDuring the past recent month, the notorious Matharoo Sisters were deported from Nigeria back to Canada after being caught running the infamous naijagistlive platform to blackmail several Nigeria billionaire. We reported OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL’s complicit involvement in this nefarious activities (if you missed it see it here). While they were in detention, I was able to put a couple of calls to them and the duo complained bitterly how they were maltreated because they were not Nigerians. Their major grouse about this was that their major sponsor OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL was not even questioned throughout their ordeal.

The sisters were forced to sign a prepared undertaking promising not to engage in blackmail and cyber bullying again — and to stop extorting their “victims”. They were then allowed to quietly return to Canada and are now “safe back home”.

Just before they departed Nigeria, at the airport, I was able to put another call through to the sisters. They claimed OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has all the pictures and is in the process of exposing some of the pictures on his blog with the intention of “hitting it big” this time. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL of recent has been blabbing and bragging on the notorious blog of how he intend to hit money soon. It is no doubt he intends to resume again in his blackmail activities. In recent past, OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has tried blackmailing celebrities like AY Makun, Lanre Nzeribe, JJ Omojuwa et al. Recently, news filtered to news desks how he also tried blackmailing Toke Makinwa unsuccessfully.

Some of the blackmail pictures are extremely lewd and vulgar. Some of the pictures I saw include that of a rich oil magnate, a bank MD, a former governor and a former minister in the Jonathan administration.

As I am also well aware, the pictures are now with OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL who is more matured in the business of blackmail than the Matharoo sisters. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is said to be ruthless but also clinical with his victims when it comes to blackmail. He was also the major sponsor of the moribund naijagistlive.com. OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL has this history of always blackmailing the very rich and successful.

I hope security agencies are on the lookout for OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL to avoid another disaster in the waiting. In this case, it will be bigger than what the Matharoo sisters caused and difficult to curtail as OLUFEMI OLUSEYI ISHMAEL is not resident in Nigeria at the moment and Nigeria do not have a repatriation agreement law with Germany where he lives as a result of scam marriage he had


The sisters said they would soon expose the whole truth about the Nigeria gist life saga, please stay tuned and wait for it


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